SPI Series of Plasma Polishing Power Supply

SPI Series of Plasma Polishing Power Supply


Technical Specification of Plasma Polishing Power Supply, SPI Series

SPI series of plasma polishing power supply is mainly applied for brightening treatment of stainless steel products with complicated geometrical shaped surface. Its mechanism is to form a relatively stable plasma field around the electrode imposed to the liquid, so that object surface desorption can be achieved through the ionic exchange in the plasma filed and the ionization of neutral atoms. Due to the surface morphological characteristics, the protruding parts have higher plasma density, which strips quickly until the surface reaches a relatively smooth state; in addition, that the plasma field surrounds the whole surface of the object avails all parts of the object get corresponding polishing effect.

Power Range


Input Power

AC380V±10%, three phase four wire system, 50-60Hz

Output Voltage

DC 360V

Output Features

Regulated Voltage / Constant Voltage

Load Sustainability


Overall Efficiency


Cooling Mode


Service Environment

Ambient Temperature 0-40℃
Ambient Humidity: Relative humidity ≤85%
Clean air, no dust, no corrosive flammable gas, good ventilation

Cooling Water

Clean without any minerals and other soluble substances
Water Temperature 20-40℃
Pressure 0.15±0.05MPa

Communication Mode


Description: The power supply output properties can be adjusted according to application need

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