BOMB IIIH Series of Unipolar Pulse Bias Power Supply

BOMB IIIH Series of Unipolar Pulse Bias Power Supply


Technical Specification of Unipolar Pulse Bias Power Supply, BOMB IIIS Series

BOMB IIIS series of bias power supply works in two-stage high frequency conversion mode, with unipolar pulse mode on the output. The power supply voltage can be adjusted by changing the power supply voltage of high frequency conversion circuit; the voltage regulating circuit has 1% stability. High frequency conversion circuit can generate adjustable pulse voltage, width ranging from 10-90%. Because the output voltage and pulse width of the power supply adopt independent adjustment, the workpiece temperature rise is controlled by changing the pulse width, in the same time to meet the required technological voltage. The power supply is applicable to film coating of various tools and decorative coating.

Power Range


Input Power

AC380V±10%, three phase four wire system, 50-60Hz

Output Mode


Output Voltage

0-180V 0-500V 0-1000V

Pulse Frequency


Pulse Percentage

10-90% continuous adjustment

Arc extinguishing time


Output Voltage Stability


Cooling Mode

6-15kW air-cooled; 20-200kW water-cooled

Service Environment

Ambient Temperature 0-40℃
Ambient Humidity: Relative humidity ≤85%
Clean air, no dust, no corrosive flammable gas, good ventilation

Cooling Water

Clean without any minerals and other soluble substances
Water Temperature 20-40℃
Pressure 0.15±0.05MPa

Communication Mode


Description: The power supply output properties can be adjusted according to application need

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