FLOW Series of Gas Flow Control Power Supply

FLOW Series of Gas Flow Control Power Supply


Technical Specification of Gas Flow Control Power Supply, FLOW Series

This series of product is a control, display power supply with matching gas mass and flow control. It can adopt accurate controlling, metering and displaying on the mass and flow rate of various gases. It mainly features independent control, proportional control, independent proportional composite control of more than four gas applications, among which, the proportional control satisfies purposefully the consistency of repeated production technology. Among them, FLOW-1N4 has been equipped with five 0-5v analog input interfaces, four switching value interfaces controlling the on/off status of mass flow rate controller, and one startup/shutdown interface of the main power supply, being suitable for gas flow automatic control applications of various production lines, and the local operation of this equipment is considered as well.

Input Power

AC220V±10% 50-60Hz

Number of Channels

FLOW-1N4 Four channels; FLOW-1N5 Five channels

Control Mode

Proportional, independent, proportional/independent manual selection.
Manual/External Control Adjustment of the Flow
Use controller to start up / shut down manual control / external control
Manual control/external control of turning on and off the power supply

Response Time


Power Consumption


External Dimensions




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