SAL Type of Arc Power Supply

SAL Type of Arc Power Supply


Technical Specification of Arc Power Supply, SAL Type

SAL type of arc power supply works at high frequency conversion mode, with DC output; the current regulating of the power supply is achieved by changing the pulse width of the high frequency conversion. The power supply has load compensation circuit with good load characteristics; it has high current stability and is suitable for various film coatings of decoration and tools because the current sensor is taken as current sampling. The power supply applies soft switching mode at work with high efficiency and good electromagnetic compatibility. Moreover, this series of supply power has very high price/performance ratio.

Supply Power


Input Power

AC380V±10%, three phase four wire system, 50-60Hz

Output Voltage

No load 80V

Output Current


Output Current Stability


Cooling Mode


Load Rate

100% at 150A; 70% at 200A [cycle per 30m]

Service Environment

Ambient Temperature 0-40℃
Ambient Humidity: Relative humidity ≤85%
Clean air, no dust, no corrosive flammable gas, good ventilation

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